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Dancing is one of the most natural activities known – whether individually or in a group. Right for everybody, dance is democratic and fascinating.  In addition to encouraging social interaction and contact with different people, it develops bodili consciousness and self-knowedge.


The body is a powerfull tool for communication, although many times we don’t put that into consideration. What we demonstrate through posture, gesture, looking and voice, have more impact than words. Creativity, courage and initiative, these are some of the benefits we reach when we allow our body to express itself with freely and spontaneously. All we do with our body reflets in our life, both pernonally and proffessionally. In other words, it’s an activity that increase the personal development of the participants.


Among other benefits, the practice improves better physical resistence, relief body pains, gives more flexibility and well-being. For mind it’s an excellent activity that brings psychological benefits like stress relief.

Rhythm and stile depend on individual. In the Project We are Dance, these are repected encouraging self-esteem, freedom of expression and self-confidence.

When we dance "from within", we get know ourselves better and increases our self confidence.





Led by Nana Vieira, We Are Dance is a freestyle dance project, encouraging self-perception, wellbeing and self-awareness. Activities begin with a set of stretching and warm-up exercises, carefully followed by an introduction to the corporal gestures. This is the starting point for the use of dance not as an artistic or aesthetic manifestation, but as a dynamic and healthy resource. With this in mind, the soundtrack is carefully chosen for each meeting.


  • Stimulus to creativity

  • Broadening of spontaneity

  • Bodily consciousness

  • Social integration

  • Mental, motor and postural coordination

  • Self-acceptance and acceptance of the other, broadening our systemic way of looking

  • Working on flexibility

No previous experience necessary!

About Nana Vieira

Nana Vieira is a photographer who has also been passionate about dance since childhood. With two decades of experience in classical ballet (Joyce Ballet) and contemporary dance, she has worked under teachers such as Ivaldo Bertazzo (Education of Movement Method), Claudia Mello, Rubens Oliveira, Thais Alves, JC Violla, Pio Campos (Maria Fux Method), among others. Using her experience and the creation of her own method, she has united her sensibility with the search for freer expression. She now moulds this activity to people from a variety of backgrounds, in the belief that dance, in some form, is within each one of us.


Nana works with her pupils so that they may feel inspired to start a dialogue with various musical genres in harmony with their own rhythm. It is a light and fun way to enjoy an enriching experience.